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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. OUTSIDE FRONT PANEL Back Cover Front Cover Inside Fold www.keraplast.com Keroplast Technologies LLC 19210 Huebner Road • Ste. 103 • San Antonio, Texas CENTER 2nd Inside Fold Inside Center Inside Back Episance Keratin Exfoliant: Episance Keratin Exfoliant helps remove build-up of dead skin and dirt and grime that keeps your skin form glowing all day. It is formulated with Replicine ™ brand Functional Keratin®, in a microparticle form that exfoliates without chemicals. The Episance Keratin Exfoliant is designed to keep your skin glowing and in optimal condition, and provides mechanical exfoliation without plastic beads, walnuts, or any chemicals. Regular use helps improve skins overall tone and texture. INTRODUCING EPISANCE™ WITH REPLICINE™ KERATIN TECHNOLOGY: Episance Day Cream: Episance Day Cream contains Replicine™ brand Functional Keratin®, a very Unlocking the Wisdom of Nature™ special blend of keratins that repairs, rebuilds, and restores your skins moisture. This light blend of Episance Day Cream helps keep skin hydrated and promoteFor Thirty years Dr Robert Allen Smith, a leading plastic surgeon in Missis- smooth, healthy looking skin.sippi, has worked on the most beautiful woman in the world. He discov-ered an amazing secret: that the wisdom of nature can be unlocked and Episance Eye Gel:this secret can help form new skin. After years of research and Episance Eye Gel with Replicine™ brand Functional Keratin® is speciallydevelopment, this discovery has led to the development of a process that formulated to remove fine lines and wrinkles, for a quick lift, while helping toextracts pure Functional Keratin® from pristine New Zealand wool; wool improve the texture of your skin.which is nearly identical to our own hair and skin. About 85% of our hair is made of keratin. After intensive research, Dr. Episance Night Replenishing Cream: Episance Night Replenishing Cream is packed with the Replicine™ brandSmith and his research team, led by Dr. Rob Kelly in New Zealand, worked to Irritation Functional Keratin® to continue the repairing, rebuilding, and restoration your • No Stomach • No Stomachunderstand and discover, Replicine, a nutrient-rich amber liquid yielded only by skin needs, overnight. The Episance Night Replenishing Cream has vitamins and • Fast Acting • Fast Actingthe precise extraction of functional keratin from pure New Zealand lamb’s wool. minerals, antioxidants, as well as the new skin formingReplicine protein is extracted from sheep wool by a unique process that • Sugarless CSS: 260056-1 Graphics No.: NUIGUM_Display Client: NuiTab Work Date: November 23 , 2010 Artist: DP Replicine™ brand Functional Keratin®. Episance Night Replenishing Cream willmaintains the integrity of the lambs wool keratin so that it is identical to your hair help improve your skins overall smoothness, while reducing the signs of aging.and skin. Plant: Indiana Die #: 100415Q1 Stock: SBS Finishing: waterbase Proofing: Client Standard: posted pdf Replicine helps restore the vital harmony and delicate balance of your skin Episance Hand Cream: Gum Gum Gum Client Colors:by promoting new skin and a natural renewal process. Our skin is made of The results are absolutely amazing, especially considering theyre achieved rightkeratin, an important cytoskeletal building block, present in every cell and tissue Black Cyan Magenta Yellow COPY in your own home Replicine repairs rebuilds and restores your skins glow. The FPOin our bodies. By applying ‘skin on skin’, replacing what your body needs Yellow Treatment: Black Cyan Magenta on Epiances Keratin Exfolant is designed to keep your skin glowing and in optimalthe surface and in the epidermis, the result is healthier, smoother, more radiant condition. Regular use helps improve skins overall tone and texture. Inks Used: Black Cyan Magenta Yellow 4 inks + dieskin. Discover for yourself that you too can “Unlock the Wisdom of Nature”. Epiances Keratin Exfolant is designed to keep your skin glowing and in optimal condition. Regular use helps improve skins overall tone and texture. SDC Oper: name SDC Date: date XProof: OK ____ by: _________________ date: ___________ Notes:___________________________________________________________ XProof: OK ____ by: _________________ date: ___________ ™ PACKET BACKS ■ Cinnamon Folic Acid ■ Mint Folic Acid ■ Cinnamon B12 ■ Mint B12 ■ Orange C VITAMIN C COPY Hand Cream Keratin Exfoliant Orange Flavor Gum Eye Gel FPO Who is it for: Anyone whose has had a micro dermabrasion, laser, or acid peel skin ™ Who is it for: Anyone who wants to renew their complexion, good for all skin types. Who is it for: All skin types. Anyone concerned with deep or fine wrinkles around eye, expression lines, and skin texture around the eye. ™ procedure, or, for skin that is showing the signs of aging, including loss of radiance, firmness, and hydration. How do I use it: Apply a dime size amount to clean skin, massage all over face for 5 VITAMIN B12 minutes until the cream penetrates into the outer layer of your skin, (avoid around the eye) . How do I use it: Every morning and evening, apply the Episance Eye Gel to smooth out fine line and wrinkles, and can be applied over make up just to freshen up your eye areas and How do I use it: Following your procedure, place 3 to 4 drops of serum into the palm of your hand and apply directly to area where you had your treatment. Follow with your Episance Day Cream, or Episance Night Replenishing cream! Cinnamon Flavor Gum expression lines. Gently pat around the area and rub gently into your skin . Ingredents: Need Copy Ingredents: Need Copy Made in USA Sugarless Vitamin Supplement Made in USA FOLIC ACID Ingredents: Need Copy Made in USA Sugarless Vitamin Supplement Mint Flavor & Cinnamon Flavor Gum Sugarless Vitamin Supplement Day Cream Night Replenishing Cream Who is it for: Anyone with dry, dehydrated, or aging skin, and anyone who wants Who is it for: All skin types. This is ideal for anyone with normal to dry skin seeking smoother, firmer-looking skin. Its also ideal for those who want to reduce the signs of aging on additional hydration all day. the face, neck, and delicate areas. How do I use it: Apply Episance Day Cream formula moisturizer to a clean face one or How do I use it: Apply Episance Night Replenishing cream to clean, dry skin. Warm two times per day. Follow with your Episance Eye Gel for the eye area. product between fingertips before use. Apply replenishing cream to face, neck and delicate areas as the last step in your skin-care routine. Ingredents: Need Copy Made in USA Ingredents: Need Copy Made in USA

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