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Press Release - IDG Ventures backed is rebranded as

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release - IDG Ventures backed is rebranded as

  • 1. IDG  Ventures  backed  is  rebranded  as   -­‐The  online  hiring  platform  expands  its  services;  opens  to  active  job-­‐seekers-­‐     Bangalore,   May   18,   2015-­‐,   the   company   that   pioneered   just-­‐in-­‐time  hiring  and  revolutionized  recruitment  in  India,  has  rebranded  itself   as   The   company   has   acquired   800+   paid   customers   in   less   than   a   year.   The   company   counts   world’s   largest   IT   companies   and   India’s   highest   valued   startups   in   its   customer   list.   The   portal   is   adding   thousands   of   new   jobseekers   daily   and   has   already   crossed   170,000   profiles.   is   the   world’s  first  and  only  destination  that  has  jobseekers  who  are  actively  changing   jobs.  The  company  had  recently  raised  INR  18  Crore  in  series  A  funding  from  IDG   Ventures  India.     Having   only   serious   jobseekers   gives   an   unparalleled   advantage   to   recruiters   using   Hiree.   The   portal’s   customers   gain   20x   efficiency   improvement   in   their   candidate  search.  With  the  rebrand  and  accompanying  technology  changes,  the   company  now  extends  beyond  candidates  in  their  notice  period  and  expands  to  a   larger  base  of  job  seekers.  Customers  have  liked  the  expansion  and  are  happy  to   connect  with  active  jobseekers  in  all  stages  of  job  change.       The  company  is  at  the  forefront  of  innovation  in  the  recruitment  space.  It  has   leapt  ahead  of  competition  by  constantly  adding  benefits  like  smart  matching   algorithms,  real-­‐time  alerts  and  a  unique  private  messaging  system.  The  recently   launched  powerful  Android  App  for  recruiters  has  allowed  them  to  connect  with   candidates  through  call,  whatsapp,  SMS,  e-­‐mail  or  schedule  meetings  in  real-­‐time   for  future  discussion.  These  have  given  tremendous  benefits  to  all  categories  of   jobseekers  and  employers.       “When  we  started  myNoticePeriod,  our  aim  was  to  reduce  the  hiring  lead  time  for   employers  and  give  better  offers  to  jobseekers.  We  started  with  smaller  target   group  of  notice  period  candidates.  Given  the  success  and  customer  feedback,  we  are   now  expanding  the  benefits  of  the  powerful  hiring  platform  to  all  categories  of  job   seekers.  Hence  the  need  for  a  new  name  which  is  ‘Hiree’.  With  we  will
  • 2. grow  even  more  faster,  add  innovative  features  and  deliver  further  efficiency  gains   for  our  users.”  says  Manjunath  Talwar,  Co-­‐founder  at  Hiree.     “We  are  not  going  after  building  a  database  of  millions  of  candidates,  we  want  to   identify  the  most  suitable  candidates,  who  are  very  actively  looking  for   opportunities  and  can  join  fast,  including  candidates  who  are  on  notice  period.  The   core  technology  built  to  get  most  active  candidates  high  within  search  results  will   further  improve  hiring  efficiencies.  This  takes  us  closer  to  our  vision  of  being  the   fastest  technology  driven  hiring  platform.”  says  Abhijit  Khasnis,  Co-­‐founder  at   Hiree.     “We  are  very  convinced  with  the  vision  of,  to  improve  the  productivity  in   hiring  and  believe  that  their  unique  positioning  of  focusing  on  only  active  job   seekers,  has  a  huge  potential.    More  than  12,000  employers  have  registered  on  the   portal  in  a  very  short  time,  an  early  indication  of  the  huge  opportunity”,  says,   Venkatesh  Peddi,  Partner  and  Executive  Director  at  IDG  Ventures  India.     "The  platform  delivers  unprecedented  speed  and  pinpoint  targeting.  The   outstanding  team  has  from  the  ground  up  designed  the  next  generation   recruiting  platform  specifically  for  the  on-­‐demand  ecosystem  and  generation."   says  Ravi  Gururaj,  Co-­‐Founder  of  HBS  Alumni  Angels  India.

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