11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.com ...
11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.com ...
11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.com Best Fertili er L...
11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.comwww.ehow.com/list_7564414_names-fertilizer...
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Names of fertilizers e how

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. 11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.com Names of Fertili ers Ads b Google B Ta lor Hibma, eHow Contributor updated November 27, 2010 Related Searches: Of Fertili er Fertili er PH Fertili ers are used to suppl nutrients to plants and spur the fertilit in soil. The nutrients in fertili ers are able to increase crop production on farms, prevent diseases and improve the qualit of food. Different t pes of fertili ers are available for various plants, grasses and foods, and its important to use the proper fertili er in a lawn, garden or farm. Nitrogen Fertili er Nitrogen fertili er is commonl used on grass and is important for overall plant growth. The amount of nitrogen fertili er used is going to depend on the species of grass, and overappl ing ma be harmful in some circumstances and seep into groundwater. This can have a negative effect on sea plants and animal life. Once the nitrogen fertili er is applied to grass, the plants immediatel begin feeding on it and growing. Appl ing nitrogen fertili er when the grass is wet prevents the fertili er from burning the grass or causing it to change colors. Limestone Fertili er Limestone fertili er is used to restore infertile soil and balance out acidic soil that has been ruined b other t pes of fertili ers. This t pe of fertili er is a powder and stimulates the bacterial activit in soil that has been dormant b raising the levels of pH. Limestone fertili ers also add calcium to the soil and should be applied in the fall. Its important to wear the proper face and hand protection, because the fertili er is dust and ma get into a persons lungs. Ammonium Sulfate Fertili erwww.ehow.com/list_7564414_names-fertilizers.html 1/4
  • 2. 11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.com Ammonium sulfate fertili er is a common soil fertili er that reduces the rate of pH in alkaline soils. The fertili er is a spra and ma be used to fight off lawn diseases b increasing the acidit in the soil. This fertili er ma be on lawns where the grass is often bent, such as golf courses and parks. Those living in the Kentuck area also use ammonium sulfate fertili er to prevent diseases from ruining the bluegrass in the state. The bluegrass is affected b the different climates and needs to have a stead pH. References Lawn Care: Nitrogen Fertili er Lawn Care Weed Effectivel : Limestone Fertili er T pes of Fertili ers: Ammonium Sulfate Fertili er Photo Credit Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Gett Images You Ma Also Like Names of Fertili ers for Grasses or Plants Names of Fertili ers for Grasses or Plants. Lawns and ornamental plants improve the appearance of our ard and provide a Related Ads Organic Fertili erwww.ehow.com/list_7564414_names-fertilizers.html 2/4
  • 3. 11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.com Best Fertili er Liquid Fertili er Pictures Nitrogen Fertili er Lawn Fertili er 8 Home Colo Tha Re eal he Inne Yo Related Articles & Videos Over Fertili ing Orchids Problems With S nthetic Fertili ers Can Y ou Use Lawn Fertili ers in Gardens? How to Fertili e Houseplants Fertili ing & Watering Hostas What Is the Differince Between Plant Food & Fertili er? Mo ewww.ehow.com/list_7564414_names-fertilizers.html 3/4
  • 4. 11/2/11 Names of Fertilizers eHow.comwww.ehow.com/list_7564414_names-fertilizers.html 4/4

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