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Pool Receptionist

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. POOL RECEPTIONIST Seeking a PT pool receptionist to work when FT receptionists are out, sick or on vacation. This position will have a part time schedule which WILL change monthly, and definitely hours around the holidays, however, this person will not have permanently scheduled hours. This position can work the following shifts when covering: Weekends: 10-8pm Weekdays: M-F, 8-4pm or 4-8pm How to Apply: Please obtain referral card from YPIC at any of the two locations listed below, you will be given further instructions at that time. 3826 W. 16th Street • Yuma, AZ • (928) 329-0990 663 E. Main Street • Somerton, AZ • (928) 627-9396 Fax: 928-782-9558 • TTY (928) 329-6466 • www.ypic.com YPIC is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services  are available upon request to individuals with  disabilities.   YPIC es un empleador que ofrece Igualdad De Oportunidades /Programas Se le Harán Disponible Cuando Solicite Ayuda Auxiliar Y Servicios  Adicionales Para Personas Con Incapacidades.

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