• Complete custom theatrical production shows;
• Extensive talent base of “Zutainers” from around the world;
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Press Release July 27 2008

ZUTAINMENT was established to provide high quality live entertainment, superior event management, and its own brand of production services. Specializing in the finest quality entertainment from around the world… ZUTAINMENT will make your event a memorable experience.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Release July 27 2008

  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Alex Chavez 702.586.8366 Zutainment Unleashing Creative Entertainment! LAS VEGAS—From the city that revolutionized theatrical entertainment in the hotel industry comes the hottest new entertainment company, established to provide high quality live entertainment, superior event management, and its own brand of specialized production services. Zutainment provides custom theatrical production shows from around the world. As you may already know, the theatrical business can be very competitive. With global audiences more diverse than ever, it is important to surpass their expectations with the latest, most innovative shows. Zutainment is aware of the importance of keeping things simple, yet never sacrificing excitement and energy. Many of their shows require minimal sets, with emphasis on theatrical light and sound, and original and unique choreography, all built around outstanding talent. Zutainment will invite you to experience the world of aerialists, acrobats, athletes, motorcyclists, musicians, and entertainers of all varieties from around the world. They call this eclectic collection of talent “Zutainers”. Zutainment’s strategy is to not only draw from its talent pool right here in Las Vegas, but to also search the globe for unique, cutting-edge talent that has yet to be discovered by the mainstream. Their “Zutainers” understand the importance of their clients; they must go through Zutainment’s orientation to insure they meet all of their client’s expectations, both on and off the stage, and that they consistently arrive early for rehearsals and shows. Zutainment specializes in bringing corporate and private events to an exciting new level. They are now fusing the newest indoor pyrotechnics with specialized props, mixing in the latest technology in digital projection, and combining it all with their talented Zutainers to bring their clients an entertainment experience like no other. Fire and water, light and sound, and animatronics are merged with design and choreography to create an experience that is elemental, evocative, and unforgettable. Zutainment’s services department is the driving force behind the successful integration of specialty acts with services such as bartending, serving, and hosting. Furthermore, in order to satisfy even the most discriminating coffee drinker, they have teamed up with the premier company for on-site, self-contained espresso bars for any event in any location. Services that Zutainment provides include: PRODUCTION SHOWS / ZUTAINERS / SPECIAL EVENTS / PRODUCTION SERVICES / DESIGN & MANUFACTURING
  • 2. • Complete custom theatrical production shows; • Extensive talent base of “Zutainers” from around the world; • A variety of event services, ranging from elegant décor, catered cuisine, video, photography, DJs, bartenders, servers… all the way to portable espresso bars, and beverage show bars; • Production services designed to meet Zutainment’s clients needs such as aerial rigging, stunt work, choreography, and champion makeup artists; • The most innovative entertainment products to their clients, they have a Design & Manufacturing department, to insure the quality of their products, which include set design, prop building, special effects, illusion building, and costuming; • Training services specific to their type of branding, such as aerial acrobatics, stage performing, stunt training, beverage service by specialty acts, and fire safety. And most of all… 100% ATTENTIVENESS Creativity is their expertise… They have the resources and expertise to meet the demands for anything you can dream up. If it doesn’t exist… they will create it. They will not rest until they are confident that they have matched the right entertainment to your situation, and you are completely satisfied. They will make use of over 30 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. Their philosophy: “Zutainment is committed to providing high-quality entertainment and superior service in a professional manner. We will be forthright and fair to our clients, our partners, and our performing talent. Whether it is for one act or a complete production tour, Zutainment will listen to our client’s needs, provide cost-effective and creative solutions, and maintain 100% attentiveness to every project.” About Zutainment Zutainment specializes in the finest quality entertainment from around the world. Event planners, meeting planners, promoters and producers will be at ease using Zutainment for corporate events, events at shopping centers and malls, private parties, new product releases, annual meetings, award ceremonies, fundraisers, banquets, concerts, and weddings. They take their time to negotiate strong, detailed contracts that keep their clients’ best interests in mind. It is paramount to Zutainment to form strong relationships with satisfied clients to become the next leader in the entertainment industry. Quality entertainment is the best investment you can make for ensured success at your next important event. When your event can be second to none and you require the highest quality entertainment… contact Zutainment at or call them toll free at 866.618.3332. PRODUCTION SHOWS / ZUTAINERS / SPECIAL EVENTS / PRODUCTION SERVICES / DESIGN & MANUFACTURING

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